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Phillip Island Circuit, Phillip Island, Australia

3 Day Pass - MotoGP Australia

Phillip Island, Australia’s pride and joy of the motor racing world! Situated a hundred and forty kilometres from Melbourne, the island’s temperate climate proves perfect race weather and has been a staple for Australian racing ever since the invention of the combustible engine! Steeped in racing lore and mysticism, you’ll want to buy MotoGP Phillip Island tickets! Experience not one, but three whole days of MotoGP action! Yes, here at Ticketbis we’re offering tickets ranging from General Admission all the way to a VIP Village pass!

One of Australia’s biggest tourist destinations, Phillip Island can boast three point five million visits a year and it’s not difficult to see why. With sublime scenery, the island features rolling hills and endless plains to one way and the open coast and the Nobbies, (seal rocks home to Australian’s largest colony of fur seals) to the other. It has also been the perfect place for racers to settle their scores, with the first race occurring as early as the late twenties! Phillip Island was host to the Hundred Miles Road Race, which soon became known as the first Australian Grand Prix! In nineteen fifty-one the track began its long list of changes and additions, with the track at one point hosting the original Bathurst one thousand (then known as the Armstrong five hundred) endurance race. However due to extensive maintenance costs the raced move to Bathurst, with Phillip Island left to recover. A grand re-opening of the circuit occurred in the late eighties, through The World Motorcycle Championship, the success of Phillip Island’s inclusion lead to the hosting of the circuit’s first World Superbike race the following year. The circuit is now a regular in MotoGP, World Superbike and V8 Supercar events.

Tracing its roots back to the late forties, MotoGP is a reference to the highest class of racing in the Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix.  There are three classes split into different engine speeds, with MotoGP set to a thousand cc, the secondary class Moto2 set to six hundred cc and tertiary class Moto3 set to two hundred and fifty cc. The motorcycles that compete are purpose built for track racing and are neither sold to the general public or road legal, somewhat akin to that of a formula one car. In regards to engine configuration, MotoGP has no restrictions, the only constraints being that the bike must be a four-stroke engine, limited to one thousand CC with a maximum of four cylinders. The highest speed to have ever been reached in MotoGP stands at two hundred and forty-nine point seventy six kilometres per hour. Considering the element of danger that comes with motorbikes, MotoGP is not without its dangers with the sport claiming the lives of many eager racers over the years, the most recent accident occurred in twenty eleven when Italian racer Marco Simoncelli, having climbed his way up to the MotoGP, lost control of his vehicle in the Malaysian Grand Prix, at the Sepang International Circuit, and collided with fellow racers Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. While Edwards sustained a dislocated shoulder, Simoncelli suffered severe trauma to the head, neck and chest. With the race red flagged, an unconscious Simoncelli was abruptly taken to hospital, unfortunately he suffered a cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital and after forty-five minutes of CPR, Simoncelli was declared dead. Tributes to the racer were declared by many folks of motor sport world, with the Misano World Circuit renaming itself in honour of Simoncelli and Formula One’s Jenson Button dedicating his win in the twenty eleven Indian Grand Prix.

MotoGP has been particularly exciting in the past year, with the retirement of Australian Casey Stoner in Repsol’s Honda team, all eyes have been on Spanish replacement Marc Marquez. The fresh faced twenty year old is already a double world champion, and at such a young age he has got everyone talking about him! Slated as a new era of MotoGP, only time will tell how much more exciting this thrill seeking sport can get, with the speeds being increased in all three classes! Faster racing is always better racing, so get your MotoGP Phillip Island tickets!

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