3 day pass - Synchronize Fest 2016 Tickets | 28/10/2016 | Ticketbis UK

3 day pass - Synchronize Fest 2016 Tickets

Gambir Expo, Kemayoran, Indonesia

3 day pass - Synchronize Fest 2016

Pitching up your tent, surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands, of likeminded people, all of you there with one objective in mind, to listen to some great music and have the best time of your life! This strange breach of the norm can only mean one thing. Yes, it’s festival time! With Synchronize fest steadily approaching, make sure you grab your buy your 3 day pass - Synchronize Fest 2016 tickets, before they all run out! Make your way to Gambir Expo, and join your fellow music lover, as you experience one of the greatest events ever!

Line Up: Barasuara, Begundal Lowokwaru, Besok Bubar, Blackteeth, Danilla, Dead Vertical, Deadsquad, Down For Life, Tulus and many more.

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