5 Seconds of Summer Brisbane Tickets

Riverstage Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia

5 Seconds of Summer Brisbane

Good news folks, this is your chance to buy 5 Seconds of Summer for Brisbane as the band return to Australia, for what is considered by to be one of the biggest tours next year! Returning to promote their latest album, Sounds Good Feels Good this is your chance to see this phenomenal band as they set out to promote and cement their debut album, as an album that is certain to get you rocking out! Playing in the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, this may not be as intimate as previous shows, but the band is finally going to perform as they should; in an arena, full of screaming fans! So if you know someone who’s a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer, (and chances are if they’re teenage girls they certainly will be!), then this might be the show they’ve been waiting for. So make 2015 their year and buy 5 Seconds of Summer tickets for Brisbane now, here at Ticketbis!

Originally just regular teenagers uploading videos to YouTube, the charismatic quartet soon developed a following and began amassing following that numbers in the millions! Made of teenagers Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin the boys have each brought their own endearing charm to the mix, and helps explain exactly why this band is quickly becoming the next hottest thing! Luke for example, with his blond hair and blue eyes was the first of the bunch to post YouTube videos, as at fourteen he was already posting videos of himself both singing and playing guitar! The tallest, yet quietest, Luke stands as the youngest member of the group at the age of seventeen, which comes as a surprise to many considering his lead vocal slot puts him right at the front! Speaking of which, Michael stands as the band’s lead guitarist, and with his green eyes and punk-emo stylings, he has made many a’ teenage girl swoon in his wake. Considered to have a sweet and childlike personality, his ever changing hair-styles remain a talking point for every 5SOS fan out there, Michael was actually the one who termed the name “5 Seconds of Summer” and he also stands as the lyricist of the group! Which brings us to the band’s bassist, and vocalist Calum, whose Mali features stands him apart from his members much to the adoration of fans everwhere! And of course, last but not least, the bands’ most recent addition, drummer and vocalist Ashton! Two years older than the rest of the group, Ashton may be wiser but like all drummer’s his heart is in his loving personality, and his cheerful outlook has made him the favourite for many teenage girls alike!

Regardless to say, whoever’s the fan favourite, this is going to be one show that won’t likely to be forgotten, and if you’re a parent don’t forget to bring ear-plugs because as good as the band’s music is, their popularity is bound to bring screams and screeches from their ever adoring fans! So don’t waste a moment more and buy your 5 Seconds of Summer Brisbane tickets right here at Ticketbis!

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