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That’s right folks, Italy’s greatest tenor, Andrea Bocelli is back on stage, better yet we at Ticketbis are happy to announce that you can now grab your Andrea Bocelli tickets right here! With the singer setting out to play some of his greatest hits, this is your chance to catch this legendary tenor as he tours the world showing what exactly he has on offer! So don’t waste a moment more andbuy your Andrea Bocelli tickets now, here at Ticketbis!

More recently, the singer has been experience a resurgence of popularity, after a GoPro video went viral using Bocelli and Sarah Brightman’s duet track “Time To Say Goodbye”. With GoPro standing as the go to company for sturdy, rugged all terrain video recording, the video was upload by GoPro user Jos Stiglingh, who had the genius idea in taping a GoPro camera to a drone and sending it head first into a fireworks display! What follows is a spectacular display, with Bocelli’s track proving the perfect backing music to this rare sight! Better yet, we’ve got the video so you can see for yourself this truly spectacular light show! While the original music no longer have Bocelli’s track, there’s nothing stopping you from muting the video and playing “Time To Say Goodbye” yourself, for something that over eight million people have already experienced! We highly recommend 1080p HD, for the full effect:

Born in nineteen fifty-eight, Bocelli’s parents were actually advised to abort him by their doctor, however his mother over-ruled the decision and since then Bocelli has always held a pro-life view toward abortion. Part of the doctor’s advice came from Bocelli’s numerous complications involving his sight, diagonosed with congenital glaucoma his childhood was spent visiting doctors constantly! At the age of twelve, Bocelli finally lost his sight completely, after an accident during a soccer game. Suffering a blow to the head, his brain began to hemorrhage, and while doctors resorted to leeches as last resort to save his sight, they were ultimately unsuccessful, and Bocelli has been blind ever since. His mother once said that music was the only thing to comfort him, and throughout his childhood he managed to learn the piano, flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar and drums! He also sang, and at fourteen, Bocelli won his first song competition! When it came to his studies, Bocelli stood just as dedicated and in nineteen eighty he enrolled in the University of Pisa to study law. In a bid to sustain him while studying, Bocelli spent his evenings performing in piano bars! After completing law school, he spent a year as a court-appointed lawyer, and it was then that he met his future wife, Enrica.

Bocelli’s music career beginnings occurred in ninety-two, when Italian rock star Zucchero called out for tenors in order to record a demo tape for “Miserere”. Originally asking Pavarotti, Zucchero was told to use Bocelli on Pavarotti’s urging, after Pavarotti heard Bocelli on tape! While Zucchero ultimately used Pavarotti on the song, a year later Bocelli was the tenor to accompany Zucchero on stage, and Bocelli was even given solo sets at the concerts! Needless to say a signing was inevitable, and Bocelli soon signed with Sugar Music label in Milan!

After much hard work cultivating his name and image, Bocelli soon found himself winning the title of Best Newcomer in the ninety-four Sanremo Festival, and promptly released his debut album Il Mare Calmo della Sera! With Bocelli beginning to experience a level of fame and fortune, not more than a year later the singer released his second, eponymously titled sophomore album Bocelli! The album proved especially successful over seasons, going four times platinum in Germany (becoming one of the best-selling albums ever), four times platinum in Switzerland, two times platinum in the Netherlands and platinum in Austria! Suffice to say, Bocelli soon released his appeal overseas, and has since stood as symbol for world music! So don’t forget to buy your Bocelli tickets now, and get ready for a show that is sure to be out of this world!

In nineteen ninety-eight, Bocelli released his fourth album Aria: The Opera Album which won Bocelli the ECHO Klassik for Best Classical Album! The year also saw Bocelli win two World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, and can boast awards for “Best Italian Singer” and “Best Classical Interpretation”, and even named People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People! The following year proved just as exciting and an even more busy time for the Italian tenor! Gaining an invitation to sing for President Bill Clinton, by Steven Spielberg no less, in the beginning of the year, it only got better from there! In August, Bocelli returned to Italy where he was given the guest role in seven performances of The Merry Widow at the Verona Arena! Later that year, Bocellie released his seventh album Sacred Arias, an album solely containing sacred music! Two weeks after its release it reached the number one slot on the US Classic Billboard charts, with his Aria, the opera album taking the second slot, and Viaggio Italiano holding the third, to this day Bocelli is the first vocalist to hold the top three places within the classics chart! In promotion of Sacred Arias Bocelli recorded his second PBS concert, singing most of the songs from the album, the recording in itself was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Classical Music-Dance Program! To top it off, Bocelli rounded his year off with a performance in the highly prestigious Royal Variety Performance, on invitation of Queen Elizabeth herself!

, So if you don’t want to miss this amazing Italian artist then buy your Andrea Bocelli tickets now, and get ready for a truly amazing night!


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