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Calling all Cricket fans! We at Ticketbis have finally dipped our feet into the wonderful world of Cricket, be it Test Cricket, Limited-Overs cricket or Twenty20! It is with this in mind that we’re happy to announce that one of the first teams under our belt is Australia! So grab your Australia cricket team tickets and get ready to experience this truly terrific sport on the field!

Dating back to 1877, the Australian Cricket team are the joint oldest test cricket team, along with England, when the two countries played the first ever Test match together. Due to the long distance between the two countries, and Test cricket solely occurring between them, Test matches happened seldom and sparingly. Although Australia’s population paled in comparison with England, the team itself stood very competitive in early games! Surprisingly most cricketers at the time, hailed from either New South Wales or Victoria! They are a respectable force in the world of cricket, regarded as the most successful Test cricket team, because of this Australia cricket team tickets tend to sell rapidly. At the turn of the nineteenth century, Australia found itself experience something of a Golden Age of cricket! Noble cricketers such as Joe Darling, Clem Hill, Syd Gregory, George Giffen and Tibby Cotter, to name just a few to come out of Australia! Perhaps one of the finest sporting heroes Australia can boast came in the form of Victor Trumper, who was wide considered as Australia’s finest batsman at the time! His record of forty-nine tests, scoring a massive three thousand one hundred and sixty-three runs throughout his career! Sadly he died at the prime age of thirty-seven, dying of kidney disease, and The Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack obituary of Victor Trumper read: “Of all the great Australian batsmen Victor Trumper was by general consent the best and most brilliant.”

In what is often known as the Bradman Era, between the thirties and mid-forties Australia enjoyed a new age of success, when a team led by Bill Woodfull (aptly known as the Great Un-bowlable) in nineteen thirty saw their impressive victory in the England tour! As for its namesake, Don Bradman, was considered the outstanding batsman in the series, scoring a record nine hundred and seventy-four runs, including one century, two double centuries and one triple century, a huge score of three hundred and thirty-four at Leeds, including three hundred and nine runs in a day! In fact during the tour, Australia won nine of the ten Tests in the series! Bradman himself played for Australia all the way through to his retirement, and in nineteen forty-nine Bradman was knighted for his services to cricket.

More recently the team have also enjoyed relative success in both ODI and T20 forms of cricket! In the ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy, they have won four titles in the former and two titles in the latter. They’re also known to play Twenty20 International, and along with New Zealand were the first countries to play Twenty20 internationally. The team boasts some of the best results in cricket, with the nineties all the way up to two thousand and eight, proving the age to be yet another, golden age for the Australian cricket selection. However due to retirement, recent years have revealed a less experienced team with untapped potential, and many are watching to see their improvement take Australia back to the top. Needless to say with the team having beat England once in the all-important Ashes series, confidence for Australia in this Cricket World Cup is certainly high!

Notable players currently include David Warner (recently relieved of suspension after aiming a punch at English batsman Joe root at a Walkabout bar), Nathan Lyon and Ashton Agar (two of Australia’s best bowlers, with Agar only nineteen years old), and batsman Ed Cowan (four centuries in four tests, has shown this new batsman’s future potential). With so many reasons to watch this tremendous team play, grab your tickets for the Australia cricket team now, here at Ticketbis and get ready for Australia’s finest duke it out on the international stage!


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