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The BAP boys are back on tour! One of the most popular acts in the K-Pop genre, the six boys were recruited by music label TS Entertainment in 2011 and released a single entitled 'Never Give Up'.

Yet much more was to come from the boys when they starred in their own reality TV show. Aired in January 2012, the show revealed that Zelo, Moon Yung-Up and co. are in fact aliens, bent upon invading Earth in an effort to save their dying home, Planet Mato. 

Having fulfilled their mission of saving their home by filling planet Earth with love and laughter, us K-Pop fans can only be eternally grateful that the six alien-superheroes decided to stay on Earth and provide their millions of fans with the sick beats – performed in both Japanese and Korean – that delight our ears every day.

So what on Mato are you waiting for? Here at ticketbis you can get tickets for the best K-Pop in town. It's gonna be out of this world! 


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Upcoming international events

Yonsei University Auditorium, Seoul, South Korea
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Sang Am Culture Square, Seoul, South Korea
Line Up: EXO, SHINee, Infinite, Apink, B.A.P, EXID, BTS, TWICE and more
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Not available
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