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Chick Corea is here! Get your Chick Corea tickets now for what's sure going to be a great event! Chick Corea was born Armando Anthony Corea, and he was born back in 1941 in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Over the years, Chick Corea has actually held a few occupations within the music industry, and some of them were musician, bandleader, and composer. He has been an active musician since 1962, and there are still ways to purchase tickets in order to see Chick Corea and his band in live performances in various different places. Over the years, Chick Corea has worked with some of the best labels in the industries, and some of those labels are Warner Bros., ECM, Polydor, and Stretch. Since coming onto the music scene back in 1976, Chick Corea has not only been nominated for a total of 63 different Grammy Awards, but he has actually won 22 out of those 63. He has also won two Latin Grammy Awards throughout the years for some of his work in 2007 and 2011.

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