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Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul is a football club from Mexico and belongs to Mexico City. Cruz Azul was founded in the late twenties, and is currently owned by the Cooperativa de la Cruz Azul. The team has received many nicknames from its fans, including nicknames like "The Machine", "The Celestial Machine", "The Blue Machine", "The Cementing Machine" and "The Cementers". Indeed, Cruz Azul plays a lot like a machine and has won eight Liga MX tournaments and five CONCAFAF Championship League titles. Cruz Azul’s growing popularity has made it the third most popular football club in Mexico. If you’re a huge fan of Cruz Azul, then watch them play their current tournament live at the stadium by purchasing Cruz Azul tickets!

The current chairman of Cruz Azul is Guillermo Alvarez Cuevas. The manager of Cruz Azul is Guillermo Vazquez. Cruz Azul plays its home matches at the Estadio Azul grounds that has the capacity to hold thirty-five thousand people. Cruz Azul wears blue, red and white colors for their matches, where the red is mostly displayed as two short stripes going down the edge of their shoulders. Watch Cruz Azul seal its victory at the Liga MX by buying Cruz Azul tickets today!

J. Corona, Y. Gutierrez, N. Aaujo, A. Castro and G.Allison are some of the dedicated players of Cruz Azul. Watch them fight and win their tournament by buying Cruz Azul tickets here and now!


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