Crystal Fighters

Crystal Fighters have five members: Laure Stockly and Mimi Borelli on vocals, Graham Dickson on guitar, Gilbert Bierrich on a variety of instruments including the txalaparta and electronics, and Sebastian Pringle as lead vocals. Their name came about from an an opera of Sebastian's grandfather during his final months of insanity. The group has assembled a mix of a variety of different genres from fast progressive dance to wonk-funk with 1980's Spanish punk. They use a variety of eclectic reference points to create a unique flavor of music in a style that can be described as "fast, mesmeric and passionate". Star of Love is their first album, reaching immense critical acclaim in the UK. It was called an "assured, sporadically thrilling first shot". It presents the unique laser-like concentration of a message that explodes for the listener. Tickets for Crystal Fighters are worth their price, and their live performances are truly alive and energetic. Buy your Crystal Fighters tickets here on Ticketbis for an amazing concert!


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WiZink Center (Palacio de los Deportes), Madrid, Spain
Los menores de 14 años deben ir acompañados de padre/madre o tutor legal
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From USD73.70 There are 2 tickets left
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