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Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt was formed at the turn of the twentieth century in March. Since then the team has played for the second and first tier of the German Football League. Eintracht Frankfurt belongs to Frankfurt in Hesse of Germany. It plays for the top level of the German Football League this season i.e Bundesliga. Eintracht Frankfurt plays its home games at Waldstadion stadium which has a capacity of nearly fifty-two thousand people. The colors of the team are red, white and black. This is because Eintracht Frankfurt was merged from the clubs called Frankfurter FC Kickers and Frankfurter FC Viktoria. The red, white and black were all colors of these two clubs. If you’re a fan of the red, white and black Eintracht Frankfurt, then buy Eintracht Frankfurt tickets and support them at the game!

The current chairman of Eintracht Frankfurt is Peter Fischer and Heribert Bruchhangen. Their manager is Armin Veh. In the last season of 2.Bundesliga, Eintracht Frankfurt came in second and got promoted to Bundesliga, the first tier of the German football association. The fans of Eintracht Frankfurt have nicknamed them as "Die Adler", or the "Eagles", based on the eagle on their seal. They have also been nicknamed the Launische Diva or the moody diva. Watch the future matches of Eintracht Frankfurt by buying Eintracht Frankfurt tickets now!

The current members of the Eintracht Frankfurt include players like M. Russ, B. Oczipka, M. Amedic, S. Jung, E. Wille and more. Support Eintracht Frankfurt, by buying Eintracht Frankfurt tickets today!


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