With the FA Cup giving teams across the UK to test themselves against some of the Premier League's top teams, it's no wonder the FA Cup has featured some of the country's most exciting matches! It is with this in mind, that we at Ticketbis are proud to announce that you can now find FA Cup 2016 tickets ready to be purchased. Witness some of the greatest football matches to take place this year and enjoy an experience like never before! So if you're a budding football fan and you want to experience a good ol' classic football match then be sure to buy your FA Cup tickets, now here at Ticketbis before it's too late!

FA Cup 2017

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FA Cup Final 2017
7 May 2017 - Sun 15:00
Wembley Stadium, London, United Kingdom
7 May 2017
Sun 15:00
From USD922.73 From USD738.60 €870.32 €696.65 There are +100 tickets left
From USD922.73 There are +100 tickets left
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FA Cup - A Brief History

Officially named the "The Emirates FA Cup", the famous FA Cup was actually founded all the way back in the eighteenth century and, as you can guess, is one of the oldest football competitions in the world. A traditional knock-out cup competition featuring competitors from the Premier League, the Football League, the FA National League System, as well as specially selected teams are all given a chance to compete and prove their worth outside of their respective leagues. With the inaugural FA Cup tournament beginning in November 1871, hard to imagine the first tournament only featured 13 games! Unsurprisingly, as the tournament began gaining traction, more and more teams opted to participate and in 1888, the FA Cup began what is now considered the modern cup format, which is quite the departure from the original 15 to the 736 teams that now compete today.

Suffice to say, the competition now includes the top teams of England and Wales, but remember it also allows smaller, and less famous teams the chance to participate. The FA Cup is not only popular in the UK, but all over the world and draws in a viewership of over half-a-billion! Each season, the famous football competition is met with great anticipation and excitement, with every final culminating at the ever impressive Wembley Arena. Whether it's in support of your home town, or maybe you want to see two Premier League clubs go head-to-head, whatever the reason, you purchase your FA Cup Tickets here and prepare for a match you won't forget!

Who has won previous FA Cups?

The 2014/15 FA Cup was chock full of excitement and surprised, especially during the 2015 Final match where Arsenal defeated Aston Villa a ridiculously brutal 4-0. Considering that Arsenal now holds their twelfth title, it came as no surprise when Arsenal made it all the way to this year's FA Cup Quarter-final, what was a surprise was Watford's 2-1 victory, knocking out the defending champions out of the competition. Of course, with Crystal Palace then beating Watford, there's little doubt to how unpredictable this year's FA Cup has been! Now with Crystal Palace matching up against Manchester United, with unpredictability becoming the overall theme, the match really is anyone's game! So whether you're a football fan, or actually want to experience your first ever FA Cup game, this is your chance to experience this epic competition! Support your team and be part of the action! Get your FA Cup Tickets today!

While last year's 2015/16 FA Cup was even more surprising, seeing a repeat of 1990's FA Cup Final between Manchester United and Crystal Palace! While the exact details of the game can be seen in our FA Cup 2017 Final page, the hope that Crystal Palace placed on winning this year's FA Cup did not go unnoticed, especially considering the spotty season that Manchester United had suffered. With the dismissal of Manchester United's manager Luis van Gaal all but set in stone, the FA Cup Final against Crystal Palace really could have gone either way, with many Crystal Palace fans hoping to get revenge for their hopes being dashed in 1990, against the Red Devils in what was described by many as their Crystal Palace finest season! Suffice to say, what followed was a truly tough game, that didn't see any results until near the end of the game. Unfortunately for Crystal Palace, (or fortunately for Manchester United depending where you stand), the Red Devils finished victorious!

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