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After receiving numerous prestigious awards, including a Grammy, the French electronica duo Justice have proven themselves worthy of the hype. Known for both their incredibly creative and intricate remixes (including the aforementioned Grammy-winning re-imagining of the classic Electric Feel) and their strong original releases, the pair have gone on multiple successful national and international tours in the past, all marked by the characteristic cross symbol that follows them to every venue. Tickets for Justice tend to be hard to come by, as people pay great sums to see the elusive duo and hear their deep rhythms and incredible sound firsthand. So, if the illuminated cross is coming to an area near you, make sure to pick up Justice tickets while you still can. Get your Justice concert tickets now!


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Upcoming international events

Parque Deportivo 222 (Autopista Norte), Bogotá, Colombia
Acceso al festival EP los días 23, 24 y 25 de marzo
From USD270.62 €248.54 There are 49 tickets left
From USD270.62 There are 49 tickets left
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