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Guess what? Nickelback is on tour!  That’s right, this Canadian rock band will be touring the world, meaning you can find your very own Nickelback tickets right here at Ticketbis!

Nickelback began in Canada in the mid-nineties in Alberta, Canada.  After a few changes throughout the years, the band’s current members include Chad Kroeger on lead guitar and vocals, Ryan Peake with rhythm guitar, keyboard and backing vocals, Mike Kroeger as bassist, and Daniel Adair on drums.  Apparently, Mike Kroeger’s experience working at Starbucks inspired the band name – when giving customers their change, he said “Here’s your nickel back.”  This was a phrase that struck a chord in his heart, and so history was made, naming the band “Nickelback,” a strange combination of words that would soon become a household name.  Be a part of the music and buy your tickets for Nickelback here and now!

The band has released eight successful records, many of which include numerous booming singles.  “How You Remind Me”, for example, is one of those singles that is well-known all over the world.  Other singles any Nickelback fan should know are “Photograph”, “Far Away” and “Rockstar”.  Their first album, Curb, went Gold in Canada, and from then on their following albums were Platinum or more in at least two countries.  Nickelback has sold more than fifty million records globally, only getting more popular with each record.  Be sure to catch some of these hits and many more at their live performance this year! Buy your Nickelback tickets here at Ticketbis and ensure your place, rocking along with the other fans in the crowd!


Nickelback is the eleventh best-selling music act, so don’t you want to see what they’ve got in store for this tour? Ticketbis has the Nickelback tickets that you’re after, so go ahead and pluck some up for yourself and some friends and go watch them rock the stage!


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Upcoming events in United Kingdom

Manchester Arena, Manchester, United Kingdom
From €125.86 There are 4 tickets left
From €125.86 There are 4 tickets left
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Upcoming international events

Nickelback Amsterdam
3 Oct 2016 - Mon 20:00
Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands
3 Oct 2016
Mon 20:00
From €49.00 There are 42 tickets left
From €49.00 There are 42 tickets left
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Nickelback Dublin
9 Oct 2016 - Sun 18:30
3Arena, Dublin, Ireland
9 Oct 2016
Sun 18:30
From €124.40 There are 50 tickets left
From €124.40 There are 50 tickets left
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