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Did anyone say Oktoberfest? Yes, Ticketbis did! With the ongoing issue for all Oktoberfest visitors each year: the reservation of tables and seats in the big trendy beer tents. We have finally got the solution for you! With our tickets for the Wiesn, you’re guaranteed a seat – and with that the beer. Don’t wait too long; over 6 million people are planning on enjoying the festival! Oktoberfest 2014 within your reach.

The Wiesnhas a long tradition behind it, the fest was planned as a festive occasion for a royal Bavarian wedding between Ludwig I and Therese from Saxony-Hildburghausen back in 1810. Everyone was so pleased over the spectacle so the festival was held annually ever since. Over the next several decades, the Oktoberfest continued to grow. By 1960, the Oktoberfest was the largest folk festival in the world! Breweries were added and the desire for entertainment grew, so the Oktoberfest as we know it todaywas born! The best part is, the Wiesn hasn’t lost any of its charm! From the first Saturday after the 15th of September to the first Sunday of October, you have the chance to experience the tradition and a unique atmosphere among beer lovers from all over the world. Get your Oktoberfest 2014 tickets right away!


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Club Nimajay Bavaria, Bogotá, Colombia
Shaggy + El Freaky + Kafu Banton + La 33 + Hety & Zambo + Mnkbsnss, Cynhtia Montaño + Juan Astronauta + Astrolabio + Nina Rodríguez
From €53.00 There are 24 tickets left
From €53.00 There are 24 tickets left
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