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Rock in Pain

Music is everywhere.  In your ears, on the radio, on the bus, and even in your head.  Music is one thing that many people can agree is nothing but good.  Many people will gather together to be a part of Rock in Pain - will you be one of them?  There is one surefire way for you to be there, and Ticketbis is here to help.  Rock in Pain tickets!  Do it - buy Rock in Pain tickets now and have an awe-inspiring, music infused, epically fantastic time of your life!


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Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi, Thailand
ศิลปิน: Blackhead, SillyFools, อ๊อฟ พงษ์พัฒน์, DAX Rock Rider, Zeal
From €43.86 There are 98 tickets left
From €43.86 There are 98 tickets left
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