Rugby League World Cup Tickets

Rugby League World Cup
Rugby League World Cup Tickets. The Rugby League World Cup is one of the most exciting and exhilarating games to watch and you can be part of it. The tournament is made up of national teams and is held every four years since it began in the nineteen fifties. The last rugby world cup was in 2008, which saw New Zealand take the trophy for the first time. Don't wait another four years for the next final, so make sure you get your Rugby League World Cup tickets today! 

The Rugby League World Cup was an idea created by the French before the Second World War, and was later pursued after the war was over. Initially, the tournament was contested by four Test nations, Australia, Great Britain, France and New Zealand. Since the seventies; the tournament has operated on a home and away basis around the world, meaning the grand tournament could take place in different places, a huge privilege to each hosting country. The next competition will be in 2013 in England, France, Ireland and Wales. In total, Australia has been the most successful, winning the Cup nine times, followed by Great Britain who won three times and then New Zealand. This year is particularly special as the United States and Italy will compete in their first World Cup, after they successfully qualified a few years ago. These exciting games do not happen every year so make sure you don’t miss out and get your Rugby League World Cup tickets before they sell out!


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