Simple Plan

Canadian rockers Simple Plan were introduced to mainstream media in 2002 with their breakout album, No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls. Young listeners resonated with their anthems "I'm Just a Kid" and "I'd Do Anything." Since their debut, Simple Plan has released four studio albums with a fifth in the works.

Simple Plan has performed on Warped Tour for subsequent years and have appeared on Canadian talent shows, as well as releasing a popular DVD of their touring antics. The band has established Simple Plan Foundation to aid troubled teens and worldwide issues, including natural disasters and human trafficking. An official book was released about the band's efforts in charity and their music career.

Concert goers buying tickets for Simple Plan can expect a high energy show with a lively audience. The five-piece band has been known to play pranks on each other onstage and perform outlandish covers of classic songs

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Upcoming events in United Kingdom

Donington Park, Derby, United Kingdom
Friday 09/06/17 - Sunday 11/06/17
Tickets do not include parking/camping
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Upcoming international events

Simple Plan Porto Alegre
11 Dec 2016 - Sun 20:00
Opinião, Porto Alegre, Brazil
12 a 14 anos, apenas acompanhados
MEIA: acesso restrito a estudantes (portadores de Carteira de Estudante do Brasil), idosos, professores de escola pública e PNE.
11 Dec 2016
Sun 20:00
From USD27.09 From USD21.66 €25.26 €20.20 There are 2 tickets left
From USD27.09 There are 2 tickets left
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Simple Plan Argentina
13 Dec 2016 - Tue 21:00
Teatro Opera Allianz, Buenos Aires, Argentina
13 Dec 2016
Tue 21:00
Not available
Not available
Simple Plan Chile
15 Dec 2016 - Thu 21:00
Teatro La Cúpula, Santiago de Chile, Chile
15 Dec 2016
Thu 21:00
From USD86.38 From USD69.59 €80.56 €64.90 There are 11 tickets left
From USD86.38 There are 11 tickets left
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