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Video Games Live

Blending gaming and music, Video Games Live is a project conceived by videogame music composers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall! With the shows featuring a mixture of talented performers, impressive lighting and special effects, it’s a truly unique way to enjoy the music from classics such as Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda and countless others! It is with this in mind that we at Ticketbis can’t be happier at offering Video Games Live tickets now!

Featuring some of the world’s finest philharmonic orchestras, alongside numerous video game cover bands, Videos Game Live have been consistently praised for bridging the gap between generations! With a number of Video Games Live albums readily available, you’ve even got the chance to prepare yourselves for what to expect. Add to that the interactive element where members of the audience are invited to play certain video games while the orchestra plays, and you’ve got the makings of a truly unique experience that’ll make any hardcore (and casual) gamer relish in the musical talents that have led to some of the most iconic musical moments in videogame history! So don’t miss out and make sure you buy your Video Games Live tickets and prepare for a show that you definitely won’t regret!


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From USD87.00 There are +100 tickets left
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