World Cup Brazil 2014 Tickets

World Cup Brazil 2014

The most awaited event in football, the 2014 FIFA World Cup, is finally just around the corner! So get excited, because the time has come to get your Football World Cup 2014 tickets here at Ticketbis! Football fans all over the world are getting geared up and ready to witness football history while the greatest teams and players are working their hardest to make it happen. This epic fight to be named the number one football team in the world only comes around every four years, so the tension has definitely been building up since the last FIFA World Cup, where Spain beat the Netherlands in the final, claiming their spot as top football team on the globe. If your dream is to be there in person to watch the whole thing go down, then get yourself some World Cup Brazil 2014 tickets here at Ticketbis before time runs out! Ticketbis is here for you, providing an incredibly simple and secure way to buy all of the tickets to finally see the World Cup, something you have been dreaming about for ages. With just a few simple clicks you can have your own football World Cup 2014 tickets on their way to you in no time at all!

This time around, which will be the twentieth World Cup, the competition will be held in Brazil for the second time. The country hosted their first World Cup in nineteen fifty, where Uruguay won their second title. This means that Brazil automatically qualifies to compete since they are hosting the event. Usually, World Cup rules state that only eight to ten cities of the hosting country can host the World Cup Finals, but Brazil was given permission to assign twelve different cities as hosts. The twelve cities that will be hosting the finals are: Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, São Palo, Porto Alegre, Brasília, Recife, Natal, Manaus, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Cuiabá and Salvador. This will surely be an exciting year for Brazil, as well as all of the football fans that get to be there to witness all of the exciting and monumental moments in this beautiful host country. You can be one of the passionate fans shouting in glory from the stands! All you have to do is buy your World Cup 2014 tickets, get your favourite football team gear, and put yourself in the stands at any of these twelve great venues !

It all started when the first ever FIFA World Cup took place in Uruguay in nineteen thirty, where Uruguay not only hosted but were also named the first champions. Only thirteen teams entered that tournament, which is less than half of the thirty-two that enter with the current World Cup format. The World Cup has taken place every four years since the inaugural tournament, excluding the nineteen forties, when World War II had the tournament at a halt. In the beginning years of the World Cup, only sixteen teams competed against each other for the title. It wasn’t until the early eighties that the number grew to twenty-four, and again in the late nineties to the current number of thirty-two competing teams. This has allowed Asian, African and North American football teams to participate, which surely makes the competition more interesting and competitive. Watch these thirty-two teams put in their best effort to be named champions. Be sure to get your 2014 Brazil World Cup here at Ticketbis, where we make it simple and guaranteed to make your World Cup watching dreams come true!

In the nineteen FIFA World Cups that have taken place in history, only eight different countries have won. Brazil has won the most, with five wins under their belt, and is the only country that has competed in every World Cup tournament since the first one. Italy comes in second with four wins, followed by Germany with three. Argentina and Uruguay have won twice each, Uruguay’s first ever win being at the inaugural tournament. England, France and Spain have won once each, with Spain being the reigning champions from the last tournament four years ago. Who have you got on your winners list? Which nation is the one you want to see holding that World Cup trophy this time around? You’ve got the chance to be there when they lift it up proudly. Make the choice to be there to scream at the top of your lungs, hopefully in glory, and buy your World Cup 2014 tickets here and now, while the opportunity is here waiting for you!

Football has proved to be the world’s most popular sport, making the Brazil World Cup, the deciding factor that stands between one nation and their title as best in football on the globe, the most anticipated sporting event worldwide. Who will be the champions this time? Will Spain make a consecutive win, proving their status once again as best in the world? Maybe Brazil will take yet another title in their name, continuing their history of having the most wins yet. How about Italy? Will they win this time, making them tied with Brazil of winning most titles in the tournament’s history? Who knows, maybe an underdog nation will come in with fury and take everyone by complete surprise. See for yourself with your World Cup 2014 tickets!

You never know what could happen. No matter where you come from and who your favorite team is, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be an event that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t you want that seat to be in the stadium, and not your couch? Don’t you want to be there to witness the event that will be talked about for years? Don’t you want to be the one to tell everyone that you were there to see it all go down? This is all possible with Ticketbis! The tickets you have been dreaming about are here waiting for you to pluck them up for yourself and have the experience of a lifetime. So go for it – buy your World Cup 2014 tickets now!

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