World Cup Russia 2018

At Ticketbis, we offer a wide selection of World Cup tickets so you’ll want to grab some while they’re still available! The world’s biggest football competition is to be hosted in Russia, and it’s only a few years away! After a series of gruelling qualifier rounds, the number of qualifying countries total to thirty two, so which of these countries will prove themselves worthy enough to go down in history? Find out in person and book your World Cup Russia 2018 tickets now!

The first World Cup was hosted by Uruguay in nineteen thirty and only thirteen teams from Europe, North America and South America competed. The World Cup of nineteen fifty played host to a lot of changes, as it was the first tournament after World War II. This was, as mentioned earlier, the first time that Brazil hosted, the first to include new teams into the tournament. Changes and additions have been made throughout the football world cups history, until nineteen ninety eight when the formula was perfected. As it stands the World Cup plays as follows: The tournament is split into two phases, the first phase being the group’s stage, the second being the knockout stage. In the group stage, teams are split into eight groups of four (labelled alphabetically eg. Group A, Group B etc.). The four teams each play three matches against the other, then the two best teams from that group advance to the next stage. How many points the team have, the greatest goal difference between teams and the amount of goals scored all play major factors in to how a team is assessed. The knockout stage consists of sixteen teams, involving quarter-finals and semi-finals all leading up to the final. A match is also played between the losing semi finalists to determine third place, as this occurs before the final. In the last game if a draw is achieved by the end of the ninety minutes, then the game goes into extra time which then goes into penalties (if no result occurs within the extra time). As it is practically impossible to attend every single match, we at Ticketbis give you the diversity to pick and choose your World Cup Russia 2018 tickets!

The championship occurs every four years, a tradition that stretches all the way back to the thirties, the only exception appears during the latter half of the Second World War. Countries are all given the chance to qualify, with each qualifier split into continent groups. Currently Brazil holds the most world cup titles, winning five World Cup trophies to, also the team have qualified in every World Cup to this day. Making them strong favourites for this upcoming world cup! So once more don't forget to buy your World Cup Russia 2018 tickets and find out if it'll indeed be Brazil that takes home the cup!

As with every sport, rivalries play key part in FIFA’s World Cup history. One of the oldest and most bitter of these rivalries occur between Germany and the Netherlands. Stemming from the Second World War, the Nazi Germany occupation of the Netherlands over a course of five years, lead to death of two hundred and fifty thousand Dutch people, and left much of the Netherlands in devastation. Though Nazi Germany no longer exists, the bitterness from the Dutch side is still very prevalent and Germans are forever wary of the Netherlands. Seventy four saw the two countries meet in the World Cup finals, and when Germany beat the Netherlands the loss was referred to as “moeder aller nederlagen” (“The mother of all defeats”). Incidentally, this was also the year Australia played in the World Cup, placing fourteenth. The hatred stemmed from this rivalry has lead to some aggressive battles between the teams, with games including such barbarities like fighting on the field. The Dutch however redeemed themselves in eighty eight, When Germany-hosted the European Championship. The tournament saw the teams meet in the semi-finals, where the Netherlands finally beat Germany two goals to one. The Netherlands then went on to win the championship. Afterwards the Netherlands exploded into celebration, with Dutch striker Ruud Gullit later commenting “We gave joy to the older generation. I saw their emotions, their tears”. Ever since then the rivalry between the two teams has become far less aggressive, yet remaining highly competitive, as such games between the two always make for exciting spectacles. If you want to be part of this upcoming competition, make sure you buy your World Cup Russia 2018 tickets, here at Ticketbis!

Another riveting rivalry revolves around the countries, England and Argentina. A rarity, as it is one of a few inter-continental rivalries to occur over the years. The Sixty Six World Cup formed the foundations of each countries enmity. A quarter finals game between the two included the sending off of Argentinean captain Antonio Rattin, problems in translation quickly escalated the incident into his dismissal needing police escort. In the aftermath each country slandered the other, England labelling Argentina “animals”, and Argentina labelling England “pirates”. The rivalry intensified further during the eighties, due to the war over the Falkland Islands. Tension then escalated further during the World Cup in eighty six. The game is remembered by many soccer fans alike as the game featuring the infamous “Hand of God”. A goal scored by Argentinean star player Diego Maradona, involving the ball, a punch and the English net. Matches between the two having remained competitive and tense, notable games include both the nineteen ninety eight and two thousand and two World Cup, featuring David Beckham’s fall and rise in English football. With such heated games, and passionate teams, make sure to buy your World Cup Russia 2018 tickets here!

Previous winners of the Twenty Fourteen World Cup Germany are currently the world champion and no doubt their up and coming matches will surely demonstrate a team just as determined to prove themselves deserving of the title yet again. So don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this historic event and buy your World Cup Russia 2018 tickets now, here at Ticketbis!

With the last World Cup attracting fans from all over the globe to Brazil, Russia is likely equal that and then some. So if you have fantasized about attending the World Cup, then now’s your chance! Buy your World Cup Russia 2018 tickets today here at Ticketbis!

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