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The rise of K-Pop, or more specifically Hallyu, has proved that the world is anything but predictable! With the genre borrowing all aspects of modern western pop, K-Pop demonstrates that sometimes language doesn't have to be a barrier, and it's because of that, Zion.T stands as popular as ever! It's for this reason, that we at Ticketbis can't be more happy at the prospect of offering Zion.T tickets! Yes, with Zion.T touring once more, here's your chance to experience korean wave at it's most exuberent! So don't miss out and grab your Zion.T tickets, now here at Ticketbis, the safest place for all things tickets!


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Bluesquare Samsung Card Hall, Seoul, South Korea
Line up: 박재범, 자이언티, 딘, 베이빌론, 옐로.
From USD212.66 €194.88 There are 26 tickets left
From USD212.66 There are 26 tickets left
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