Having been nominated for 'Best Mandarin Female Singer' on three occasions in the last 7 years, A-Lin tickets will provide you with access to a unique voice in Chinese pop. Known by her birth name Huang Liling, A-Lin's aboriginal Taiwanese pop and lyrical talents have spread far beyond her native peninsula.

After releasing her eighth studio album, A-Lin is back on the road! A-Lin will be performing in Singapore in early 2017 with many other destinations in the far-east rumoured. Certainly, A-Lin tickets will be hot property so make sure you check our pages. Sellers can also take advantage of our online e-ticket platform and sell any spare tickets. 

The Mandopop Queen

The Mandopop singer and lyricist released her first record in 2006 and reached commercial success immediately after. A-Lin was shot to stardom becoming famous throughout all Asia. Due to the positive reviews of her debut album, A-Lin released her second record one year later with similar results as the first one. Since then, this musician has released eight studio albums and is already planning on producing her ninth.

A-Lin's shows are certainly worth attending, so don't hesitate and get hold of those A-Lin tickets you've always wanted. These will be, hands down, some of the greatest live performances of the year, so don't miss out on them! Buy A-Lin tickets here and now while you still can. You won't regret it!


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