Alejandro Sanz

Alejandro Sanz was born back in 1968, and he was actually born as Alejandro Sanchez Pizarro. Since 1989, Alejandro Sanz has made a name for himself as a Spanish songwriter, singer, and an overall musician. If you are interested in purchasing tickets to see Alejandro Sanz perform live at one of his concerts, you will be able to find and purchase your tickets here. Currently, Alejandro Sanz has actually had a total of 8 different studio albums released since 1989, and he has been a part of numerous tours over the years where he has performed live for all of his fans. Over the years, Alejandro Sanz has been nominated for numerous awards for his music, and currently, he has won a total of 15 Latin Grammy Awards and 3 Grammy Awards. Buy your Alejandro Sanz tickets right here on Ticketbis and get ready for a concert like no other! 


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Vicente Calderón, Madrid, Spain
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From USD224.87 There are +100 tickets left
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