Few K-Pop groups can say that they were formed from a movement. However, AOMG tickets will guide you in your quest for K-Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B entertainment. This tornado of musical styles will spin into Thailand in late November with further concerts in the region rumoured. Don't forget, those looking to sell tickets can also do so via our online ticketing platform. 

The Above Ordinary Music Group

The Korean Hip-Hop label has surpassed all original intentions and expectations and has reached the stage where those who have not heard the group live have a severe case of destitution. With the independent group looking to progress with their designs and visual content, their live performances tend to be very exciting full of dance, colour and enthusiasm. The independence of their label also means they maintain a level of uniqueness and individuality! If you want to see the work of their latest endeavours make sure you regularly check our pages. 

Despite a lucrative partnership with a South Korean media company, AOMG remain in control of their music and now have additional resources to be even cooler! With this news, AOMG tickets are likely to sell fast so make sure you buy your tickets promptly. 


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From USD102.54 There are 15 tickets left
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