Want to see a true K-Pop sensation live? Then, Apink tickets will certainly suffice with the all-female group performing a mixture of pop, dance, hip-hop and electronic music. As part of the Pink Aurora Asia Tour, Ticketbis has Apink tickets for concerts in Singapore, South Korea and the Philippines. Don't forget sellers can also take advantage of our online ticket platform to sell their tickets. 

Apink: The Female Phenomenon

The group were destined for K-Pop folklore after their debut single "I Don't Know" or "Mollayo" which became one the biggest hits of 2011. Equally, Apink recorded a very popular reality TV series alongside huge boy band Infinite. From festival to festival and award to award, Apink have become one of the most recognisable groups in Asia and that's despite losing sensation Hong Yoo Kyung. 

However, recent years have seen Apink embark on a new journey and it's only one colour! After the success of albums Pink Blossom and Pink Luv, the group entered the Japanese scene to a huge applause. Producing a Japanese version of "My My" was a very popular move and set the tone for a group moving away from their previous innocent girlish image. Apink concert tickets will provide you with the opportunity to experience their new album (Pink Revolution) live! 


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Upcoming international events

This ticket is valid for May 19, 20 and 21.
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From USD393.11 €361.54 There are 30 tickets left
From USD393.11 There are 30 tickets left
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Meet & Greet: MONSTA X, Apink and CNBlue
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From USD175.92 There are 60 tickets left
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