FA Cup 2016/17 Campaign

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FA Cup Final 2017
27 May 2017 - Sat 17:30
Wembley Stadium, London, United Kingdom
Chelsea v Arsenal
27 May 2017
Sat 17:30
From USD546.26 €485.84 There are +100 tickets left
From USD546.26 There are +100 tickets left
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Arsenal Home Games

A​l​l tickets are paid in EUR. Prices in USD are estimated for informative purposes.

Arsenal Away Games

A​l​l tickets are paid in EUR. Prices in USD are estimated for informative purposes.

Arsenal's Emirates Stadium

England's third-largest football stadium, the Emirates football Stadium began construction in 2004 and only took 2 years to construct! Considered a radical break from the traditional "4 stands design", the Emirates Stadium features a three-tiered bowl system with a focus on the spectator experience. While the the bottom and top tiers are focused on general seating, the middle tier is actually completely full of VIP and Executive Boxes, known as the "Main Club" and gives any budding fan a great location to see Arsenal at their finest. Suffice to say, considering how Emirates Stadium is divided there are certain ends that pay homage to various Arsenal heroes throughout history. Even the various ends are named after Arsenal's previous venue, Highbury Stadium's stands.

  • North Bank

    This is the area where you'll encounter the best atmosphere, as the majority of Arsenal's fans can be found on this end. Incidently it is here in the lower tier, that you'll be able to glimpse the Arsenal team train before the match.

  • East Stand and West Stand

    Both of these areas is where the bulk of the seats are, along with half of the "Main Club" tier. A quick tip, usually the best seats for view will be in the upper tier, giving you the chance to see everything.

  • Clock End

    The lower part of this section blocks 20-23 are usually reserved for the Away Fan Sections, however when Arsenal faces smaller teams with less fans, both 21-22 may go to Arsenal. Likewise if it's a particularly popular team, the blocks may increase to 20-26, to account for them. As such, we advise you check any details a seller may provide when buying your tickets in this area!

How to Get to Emirates Stadium

Standing as a London stadium, you'll find that the stadium aims to be heavily catered to by all forms of public transport, with the stadium clearly sign-posted through out the city. Situated in Islington, in the North of London, while it is possible to drive, due to the residential nature of the area, finding parking spots is no small feat, and as always it is advised to take the public transport available.

Around the City

  • Tube and Train

    Located bang in between the underground/rail stations Highbury & Islington (catered by the Victoria, Picadilly Lines and Great Northern rail), and Finsbury Park (Catered by the Victoria and North London Lines and Great Northern rail). Suffice to say, a short walk from either station wil get you to the Emirates Stadium in just 10 minutes. Even more easily are the underground stations, Arsenal and Holloway Road, both situated 5 minutes away from the station, catered to by the Piccadilly line. Those unaccustomed to London's rail and underground system, will find that King's Cross station is your best connecting station to grab either the Piccadilly Line to Arsenal, or the Victoria Line to Highbury & Islington.

  • Bus

    If tubes and trains aren't your thing, worry not as the humble bus stops in places all around the stadium, more specifically the roads Holloway Road, Nag's Head, Seven Sisters Road, Blackstock Road and Highbury Corner. The high frequency of bus services means you're more than likely to find the most convenient bus to get you 5-10 minutes walk away from the station, from North or Central London. There are many different bus services that stop near Emirates Stadium, simply ask your friendly bus driver which stop is the best stop to get to Arsenal (as you may find there are many, with the best stop depending on opinion and which direction your coming from).

  • Driving

    As stated above, driving to the stadium is highly discouraged, and unless you're a resident you'll find parking to be the most difficult park. In fact, during matchdays there are actually changes to traffic plans in order for the Metropolitan Police Service to better manage travel to and from the stadium. That being said if you do insist on driving then you may find available parking on the outskirts of London, but you will still need to take public transport to get you to the station.

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