Welcome to one of the most popular sports to come from the North American continent. Baseball tickets are always popular as seeing the professionals pitch and strike is only really appreciated live! So, get out there and see all the last-ditch efforts to catch the best pitchers out!

Ticketbis has a wide range of baseball opportunities available to fans with entirety of the MLB season, Minor US leagues, the World Baseball Classic Championship, and all the very best baseball coming out of Japan. Fans can also use our online e-ticket platform to sell any spare tickets with the exception of those Japanese teams that Ticketbis acts as an official partner.  

The Best Baseball Matches

Ticketbis can help you make that possible - just select the game you want to attend and you will receive your tickets right in your doorstep. The Yankees, the Dodgers, the Red Sox, the Chicago Cubs, etc - all games of the MLB are here on Ticketbis. The teams need their fans to get the adrenaline rush that they need to try harder and reach their goals, and that’s why they need you to be there!

Once there you can prepare yourself for the live experience that has wowed audiences in North America since the 1850's. Therefore the game has thrived amongst some of the country's most difficult periods and was still breaking attendance records in the 1990s. So, see your favorite team of the MLB, be part of the experience of being at the stadium and enjoy the throws, the kicks, the home runs… Any day is more special when you are in a ballgame – just imagine being there with your friends or family, enjoying a hot dog and/or a drink of your choice, and cheering on your favorite team. So don’t wait! Get your baseball tickets right here and be ready to hit a homerun with Ticketbis. 

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