Biffy Clyro
That’s right folks, you can now buy your Biffy Clyro tickets as the Scottish rockers, once again head to the stage, in promotion of their latest cutting edge piece! With the band having evolved over the years, the band stands as one of the few bands to constantly grow, and going stale is certainly not on their agenda! So don’t waste a second more and buy your Biffy Clyro tickets now, here at Ticketbis and prepare for a truly spectacular show!

Formed in nineteen ninety-five, when a fifteen year old guitarist Simon Neil, teamed up with twin brothers Ben and James Johnston to embark on their teenage dreams of becoming a rock band. Simon Neil was quoted to say about this period, “At that point we probably sounded like every other band who’d ever heard Nirvana. We were just discovering distortion pedals, really. Then we went slightly more punky for a time. I guess it takes a while to work out exactly what you want to do. At the start you just want to sound like your favourite bands, but after a while you realise, maybe you could become your favourite band.”! They played their first gig supporting a little known band called Pink Kross in East Kilbride. Two years later, in ninety-seven, the trio moved to Glasgow, where Simon Neil began studying “Electronics with Music” in the University of Glasgow and the twins went Stow College to study “Audio Engineering”. With the band playing in various venues around Glasgow, receiving a number of positive and enthusiastic reactions, they soon found themselves a manager in Dee Bahl, who offered the band a chance to release an independent single with Aereogramme’s Babi Yaga record label! Their first single “Iname” was released in ninety-nine and was played on both radio stations Beat 106 and XFM Scotland. Gaining yet more popularity, a year later the ban saw Biffy Clyro being picked up by Stow College’s Electric Honey record label, and the band was given the chance to release their debut EP, thiskidswhopoptodaywillrocktomorrow! Their exposure soon furthered after DJ Vic Galloway of BBC Radio Scotland heard the EP, and gave the band even more airplay.

With Biffy Clyro slowly working hard to further their popularity, the band released their second and third singles, “27” and “Justboy” in two thousand and one, and latter of which stood as a re-recorded release of a track that featured on thiskidswhopoptodaywillrocktomorrow! After releasing one more single “57” as a lead-in, the band finally released their debut album Blackened Sky, which upon retrospect stands as one of the bands greatest pieces! The band has since gone from strength to strength, and with six albums now under their belt, Biffy Clyro has slowly become one of the biggest bands to watch this century! So buy your Biffy Clyro tickets now, here at Ticketbis and get ready for a truly amazing night!


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From USD79.95 There are 4 tickets left
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