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Bon Jovi tickets are now available here at Ticketbis! Yes, Bon Jovi is still trucking away, touring the world over and what could be better then witnessing true rock stars do what they do best! One of the most iconic American rockers, Bon Jovi are responsible for so many rock star clichés and it’s almost a surprise to see the behemoths still in action, this being said, we at Ticketbis could not be more thrilled with the prospect!

Standing the test of time, Bon Jovi´s career can span as far back as 1983. With the exception of their bassist, Bon Jovi´s lineup has largely stayed the same consisting of lead singer Jon Bon Jovi, guitarist Richie Sambora, bassist Hugh McDonald, keyboardist, David Bryan and drummer Tico Torres. Bon Jovi’s extensive discography includes the iconic “You Give Love a Bad Name” and “Livin’ On a Prayer”, both of which have been said to embody rock at its purest. So experience their embodiment of rock in person, buy your Bon Jovi Tickets now!

Their formation came about at the behest of band’s namesake, Jon Bon Jovi. At the age of thirteen, Jovi became almost fully adept at both guitar and piano, forming a string of bands in his teens. He met David Bryan during the formation of his second band, and the two carried on the partnership throughout this time. The two were known to perform at local clubs in various through much of New Jersey. By the early eighties, Jon Bon Jovi began working in a recording studio that his cousin had part owned, recording demos in his spare time. After a visit to New York, Jovi soon found he was making a name for himself in the local radios. After releasing a song played by studio musicians (one of which was eventual bassist Hugh McDonald) Bon Jovi set to making a more permanent band. Calling long time friend David Bryan, who then phoned Alec John Such and drummer Tico Torres to join the band, Bon Jovi then recruited hometown guitarist Richie Sambora, who had experience touring with Joe Cocker, and was even called to audition for Kiss. By nineteen eighty-four the band was established and began showcasing themselves, with Bon Jovi tickets all but a dream.

The name came from following the example set by famous rock band, Van Halen, and while the original name “Johnny Electric” never quite cut it, so the temporary name Bon Jovi was begrudgingly accepted and eventually stuck. Their first album, eponymously titled “Bon Jovi” included the first hit song “Runaway”. A world tour soon followed, albeit mostly as support acts, travelling much of Asia, Europe and the US. A year later their second album was released “7800° Fahrenheit”, and after receiving enough success to begin touring! The band embarked on another world tour, and then spent six months touring throughout much of the US! They have been hard at work ever since, so get your Bon Jovi tickets now and experience the definition of Arena Rock!

As expected Bon Jovi is one of the world’s best selling bands of all time, having sold more than one hundred and thirty million records worldwide, performing in over two thousand and seven hundred shows and earning themselves a place in the UK Music Hall of Fame! Bon Jovi is a pleasure to watch, with power ballads and guitar riffs abound, they are not a band to be taken lightly!! So don´t miss out and get your Bon Jovi tickets here at Ticketbis, while you still can!


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