Now you may be justified in writing off a sport that’s usually accompanied with a good pint and a packet of peanuts. However there’s something that darts spectators and players alike know, and that’s one simple fact: Darts is fun. Yes, accessible to everyone (barring children of certain heights and pointy-objects restrictions), the sport’s only caveat is the crowd should enjoy themselves. It is with this spirit that we at Ticketbis are so excited to offer Darts tickets!

While in Britain fancy-dress has become the norm for spectators, the passion of Australians has even lead to the odd friendly riot (so long as you aren’t a chair). Needless to say, the ease of access to a beer may certainly add to the allure, but the sport’s other main draw may well be the players themselves! Which brings us to Phill “The Power” Taylor, whose statistical domination of the sport has seen him stand as a legend among men!

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