Eason Chan

As Hong Kong's third "god of song", Eason Chan tickets will be hard to come by. The Singer and actor is widely considered the spearhead for the next generation of K-pop so buy your tickets quickly and don't miss out! Sellers should also take advantage of our online e-ticket platform and sell any unwanted tickets.

King of Asian Pop

After dropping out of university, Chan took part in the New Talent Singing contest and needless to say due to his magnificent performance Chan won the award and got to sign a contract with one of the most important record label companies in Asia. Chan’s dream had come true; he would finally become a singer! After the birth of his daughter Constance in 2004, the star decided to give up smoking. However, three years later the star admitted he had resumed smoking due to the stress of world tours. So, he might not be squeaky-clean but no one has noticed the finesse in his voice waning. 

Winner of the 'Best Mandarin Male Singer' award, his voice is widely recognised across China and Chan has also managed to be successful in both Cantopop and Mandopop scenes. Eason Chan has released over forty studio albums and written songs for fellow stars Hacken Lee, Anita Mui. To top it off, Chan got to carry the Olympic torch during both summer and winter Olympic Games. At the same time, Eason also participated in a musical called “Wrestling with God” where he played the leading role together with the well-known George Lam. With this amount of success, the hype for his 2016/2017 concerts is immense so Ticketbis strongly recommends buying tickets quickly!


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