Top Europa League 2016/17 Matches

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Europa League 2016/17

Europa League's New Found Importance

For much of the Europa League's history, the tournament remained in the shadow of the Champions League, which in many ways is understandible, considering the Champions League featured giants such as Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, while the Europa League featured teams such as Sevilla and Inter Milan. Of course, if you've been keeping up with European football, you may already know that the tournament took it's own level of importance, especially in regards to Champions League qualification! As Liverpool's Europa League campaign last year can prove, there's a lot of prestige now placed on the Champions League's little brother! Even current Manchester United manager Mourinho said of the tournament that its much more grueling and difficult a campaign, especially in comparison to the Champions League. Of course, the biggest change is that the winner of the Europa League now has an automatic qualification for the Champions League, and while the prize money doesn't quite match that of the Champions League, the desire to win is certainly higher for every competing team.

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