That’s right, the 2016/17 Premier League season has just begun, meaning that 20 of England's finest teams will be competing for that all important Premier League trophy once more and with Ticketbis offering Everton tickets. Finishing in 11th place may not seem like much to the average fan, but the battle to stay out of relegation really showed the "men from the boys" and there's little doubt as to why Everton is receiving such harsh criticisms! But the big question is, can Everton turn it around this season? Find out for yourself live and buy your Everton tickets now!

Everton aims tighten up this season

Considering Everton's performance in the last few seasons, it should probably come as no surprise that the team's last season proved just as disappointing. Two particularly low-points include a 2-0 loss against Arsenal, in which critics heavily criticised Everton's lack of effort and application, and more importantly a staggering 4-0 loss against home-town rivals Liverpool, in which Everton had a shocking possession rate of 33.3%! Suffice to say, with manager quick to reprimand his team saying "There is no excuse to perform in the manner that we did. Arsenal were better than us in every single performance." Everton's board eventually decided enough was enough, ending his tenure with the team two months later. With Everton having brought in Ronald Koeman, there's hope that the Dutchman will make some big changes in the Everton side!

Who is Ronald Koeman?

As the new manager of Everton, you may be forgiven for not knowing who Koeman is but for anyone who follows Dutch football, the Koeman name represents a family dynasty of football legends. With Ronald's brother standing as former Feyenoord coach Erwin Koeman, and both of them being the sons of former Dutch legend Martin Koeman, there's little doubt that football runs through Ronald Koeman's veins! Having managed teams including Valencia, Benfica, Ajax, Feyenoord and most recently Southampton, Koeman has certainly been working his way up the ranks! In fact, Koeman's former employers Southampton actually wanted him to continue with them, but he turned them down citing the challenges that Everton faces as a much more attractive offer, (that and the £6 million salary)!


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