Giselle is one of the most popular ballets of all time. It is about a girl who dies of a broken heart when her great love remains unrequited. Supernatural spirits bring her back from the dead so they can, in turn, kill her former lover, but she loves him too much to let this happen. The spirits are vengeful and are bound to kill all men who have wronged women, but Giselle eventually attains a sort of peace that frees her from becoming one of those spirits. She accepts her loss and subsequent death.

Giselle has endured due to its operatic score and the inventiveness of the plot, which depicts men being forced to atone for their sins by literally dancing to death. The plot device of murderous female spirits feels modern. There is intense competition to score Giselle tickets all over the world nearly 200 years after its first performance. Don't delay and get your Gisselle tickets today!

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