Goran Bregovic

Are you interested in Goran Bregovic tickets? You can buy or sell tickets for Goran Bregovic right here. Goran Bregovic is a Yugoslav composer and musician. He first achieved fame playing guitar in the band Bijelo Dugme. He scored the Emir Kusturica films Arizona Dream, Underground, and Time of the Gypsies. Bregovic has composed music for many famous pop music artists. Bregovic's music features Croatian, Bosnian, Turkish Serbian, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, and Romani themes.

He blends Balkan traditions with elements of pop music and classical European music. Tango and brass bands are among his major influences. Bregovic performs with large ensembles of musicians. At times he uses a 40 piece orchestra in live performances. A Bregovic peformance may feature Roma singers, bagpipes, a Bulgarian women's choir, a brass band, a string ensemble, or a male choir.

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