Ground Passes - Australian Open

While these Ground passes may not get you entry into the big matches at either Rod Laver Arena or Margaret Court Arena, you’ll still get the chance to explore the grounds as well as Hisense Arena! With Ticketbis offering Australian Open Ground Passes, there’s no better way to get a taste of the Australian Open. This means that you’ll get a glimpse some of the world’s finest tennis players as they practice, as yes, you’ll also get access to the Practice courts!

While it’s impossible to predict who’ll play where on which day, a quick look at the schedule can give you an idea on what to expect. For example, for the chance to see some of the ATP and WTA’s most capable players, grabbing a ground pass for any of the first 8 days will see you happily in Hisense Arena! That being said, during the more important games later on, your best bet will be to visit the practice courts and catch the players practice for their big games!

Helpful advice includes the fact that, if you hail from the Northern Hemisphere winter is indeed occurring, whereas Australia’s month of January stands as the height of summer and so protective sunscreen is a must! Fortunately, even though there are more than enough food stands to take your fancy, you can also bring your own food and drinks unto the grounds, so if you’re travelling on a budget, there’s nothing wrong with packing your own lunch! So soak in a day of the Australian Open, and grab yourselves an Australian Open Ground Pass or two, right here at Ticketbis!


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