Horse Riding

Horses have been a part of human history for ages, used for work, transportation and company. Nowadays, horses are a part of many competitive sports, such as horse racing, riding, showing, vaulting, polo and more. Many people all over the world have taken to practicing competitive sports with horses, and if you are one of them, be sure to check Ticketbis for all of your horse racing tickets needs!

You don’t have to be a cowboy to love horses! While no one really knows the exact date that horses were brought into human lives, it is estimated that people were at least riding horses all the way back to forty-five hundred BC. It wasn’t until many years later that they were subsequently used for other forms of transportation, such as pulling chariots. Horses have been a part of human life for centuries, taking on many forms of responsibilities. Horses are now used as a key in many competitive sports. Many gather round the racetracks to see the trained horses race to the finish. Others compete in horse shows and jumping, where the rider and trained horse have to make a certain number of jumps in a specific amount of time.

If you are a lover of horses and equestrian sports, why not be there and watch the skill and concentration in person? Be there and buy your horse racing tickets here at Ticketbis!

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