Ice Hockey World Championship

Are you an ice hockey fan? Well if so; look no further than Ticketbis, as we have a great selection of Ice Hockey World Championship tickets for you to choose from! The Ice Hockey World Championship is the annual men’s ice hockey competition, which involves sixteen teams in the championship group, twelve teams in Division I and twelve teams in Division II. If there happens to be more than forty teams, the rest of the teams compete in what is known as Division III. The way in which it works is that the teams in the championship play a preliminary round and the top eight teams play in the playoff medal round. From there the winning team is crowned World Champion. If this is something you fancy watching, why not join in on the action and get your Ice Hockey World Championship tickets before they sell out!

The biggest teams of the competition include Canada, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic and United States. These teams are unsurprisingly known as the "Big Six", and are all common winners of the competition any one of them could be big contenders for the final. The most recent champions are Canada, who defeated Russia in the 79th World Championship last May, and are looking strong to reclaim their title as the Ice Hockey World Championship 2017 takes place in both France and Germany. But will the Canadians be able to hang on to their title? Or could they be defeated by another team in the "Big Six", or even a surprise entry from one of the other countries? Either way you can be there to witness the action, all you need to do is just purchase your Ice Hockey World Championships 2017 tickets!

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