New Korean sensation iKON are currently out to promote their debut album “Welcome Back”. K-Pop fans all over the world are already anxious to see the seven member boy band iKON perform live and therefore tickets are selling like crazy. If you really want to see Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, Bobby, B-I, Donghyuk, Junhoe and Chanwoo take the stage, this is your chance! Buy iKON tickets before they all sell out and get to see one of the greatest K-Pop bands of the year perform live!

iKON released their first studio album “Welcome Back” in December 2015 which sold over fifty thousand copies in its first month of release. With singles such as “My Type” or “Airplanes”, the boy band managed to top the charts in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and even United States. The new record includes a total of eleven tracks seven of which have been released as singles. This record has it all, it has pop, hip hop and dance songs, so you will definitely not get tired of iKON's first record. Having combined so many different genres has made iKON become one of the most successful K-Pop bands of the year.

Don't miss out on such an amazing music band and make sure you purchase your iKON tickets right here at Ticketbis. Join the crowd and get to sing along to songs such as “Rhythm Ta” and “Apology”. You will have the time of your life!


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From USD281.61 There are 10 tickets left
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From USD185.66 There are 10 tickets left
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