Jacky Cheung

Brace yourself, one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" of Hong Kong is leaving his Chinese base. So, if you want to buy Jacky Cheung tickets make sure you regularly check our pages for opportunities. In addition to concerts in China and Hong Kong, Jacky Cheung will also be performing live in Singapore. As a high profile event, sellers can also sell tickets via our online ticketing platform. 

Why is Jacky Cheung one of "Four Heavenly Kings"

Well besides being a singer, song-writer and actor, Jacky Cheung has also sold more than 25 million records. Not bad for a singer that started life as a reservation officer for an airline. However, it is worth noting that in 1984 Jacky Cheung also won an amateur singing competition which involved more than 10,000 competitors! 

He had to wait until his 1992 True Love Expression album to receive global recognition. True Love Expression sold over 400,000 copies in Hong Kong alone. Consistently receiving awards like the most popular singer in Asia during the 1990s, Jacky Cheung expanded his fanbase with tours around the US, Australia and other nations situated in the far-east. 

Jacky Chung is also a remarkably intellectual man who speaks Mandarin and English fluently in addition to his native Cantonese. He regularly sings in all three languages and is looking to perform live in concerts across the far-east this year. With tickets likely to disappear fast don't hesitate to buy your Jacky Cheung tickets here. 


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