January Grand Sumo Tournament

Why not combine a cultural Japanese experience with a popular sporting contest? For certain, the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena will be packed with 13,000 glued spectators. If you want to be one of them make sure you buy your Grand Sumo Tournament tickets quickly. The tournament will take place throughout January and serve as the perfect start to the new year. Remember, if you're looking to sell tickets you can also do so via our online e-ticket platform. 

2017's First Sumo Tournament

A very traditional setting for sumo wrestling, the Ryogoku Kokugikan will host some of hungriest, success-craving sumo wrestlers around. Over a 15-day period, these professional sumo wrestlers will battle it out to determine the winner of the tournament. So you can rest assured, the wrestlers will be trying everything to make sure (apart from the soles of their feet!) all body parts remain as far away from the floor as possible

The atmosphere reaches fever pitch towards the end of the day's action when the top division match takes place. Those fortune enough to possess tickets for the final day of the tournament will also have the opportunity to witness the impressive victory ceremony. To confirm your place make sure you buy your tickets promptly. 


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There are no scheduled events yet for January Grand Sumo Tournament
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