A true classic within American rock, Journey tickets will reveal a band who has such talent the group still out-sell modern great on iTunes! Journey have targeted the far-east as the perfect scene to kick-start 2017. With concerts in Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and many other rumours make sure you buy your Journey tickets promptly to avoid disappointment. Sellers can also take advantage of our online e-ticket platform to sell any spare tickets.

The Group That Never Stopped Believing 

 With classics such as "Open Arms," and "Separate Ways", it's easy to see why the iconic Journey still endures as one of the nation's greatest rock bands. When hit shows such as Glee and The Sopranos made “Don’t Stop Believin'” (a megahit that was the highest selling 20th-century song on iTunes in 2009; 28 years after its release!) , the band became one of the hottest tickets around. 

Composed of former members of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch, Journey were equally successful on both sides of the Atlantic. In addition to "Don't Stop Believin" reaching 6th position in the UK, they were the second best-selling artist in the US at various stages and having sold 48 million albums in America; firmly putting the band within the coveted top-25 of all time. 

It is the first concert the band has given outside North America since June 2013! So, if you are looking to see Journey's unique rock/distinctive jazz fusion live and fulfill your nostalgic passions make sure you buy your Journey tickets quickly. 


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