Due to the Korean Wave, the K-pop fan base is increasing very fast and therefore it’s JYJ’s time to shine! Taking advantage of this amazing opportunity and counting with fans all over the world, JYJ have just announced new dates for their upcoming tour and will be hitting the road very soon. Make sure you get hold of your JYJ tickets before they all sell out and don’t miss the concert of the year for the world!

Unlike many other K-pop bands, JYJ refuse to focus only on the Asian market and have decided to dream big. They are the first K-pop group to have performed in countries such as Chile and this is just the first step. JYJ have just released a new record called “Just Us” in Korean and in order to promote their latest work they will be on tour for the next few months.

The three members of the band Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu don’t only sing in Korean but they’ve also tried singing in other languages such as English or Japanese. “The Beginning”, which was their debut album was written in English and “The...” in Japanese. “In Heaven” was their first Korean album released in 2011 and “Just Us”, which they released in 2014 and is their latest studio album has been released in Korean. Each record is better than the previous one and they’re all, without a doubt, worth listening to. However, it’s even better if you listen to your favourite songs live as you see the best K-pop superstars at the time taking the stage.

Join the crowd and get to sing along to songs such as “Ayyy Girl”, “Emty”, “Get Out” or “Back Seat”.  Buy your JYJ tickets here and now and have the time of your life! 


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