Koji Tamaki

After more than forty years dedicating his life to music, Koji Tamaki is back on tour and will be performing live in countries all over the world during the upcoming year. That’s right, this is your chance to see the famous Japanese musician live on stage, so don’t think of it twice and buy Koji Tamaki tickets before they all sell out. What are you waiting for?

In 1973 Tamaki began to compose and write his own songs and several years later he formed the famous band called Anzen Chitai. Anzen Chitai was shot to stardom for the first time in 1983 after releasing their first studio album “Anzen Chitai I Remember to Remember” which reached the top of the charts all over Asia. The band went on several hiatus but in 2010 the members got back together and have released several studio albums since then. In the meantime Tamaki had been working on his own music and wound up becoming one of the most successful musicians in Japan. In 1996 he released his debut solo single called “All I Do” which launched him to fame. Since then he has released over twelve studio albums and has sold almost one million copies of his famous hit song “Den-En”.

If you want to see your favourite Japanese musician take the stage get hold of your Koji Tamaki tickets today! You’re only a few clicks away!


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From USD228.12 There are 10 tickets left
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