Liga Mx

Mexico’s most exciting soccer league has finally arrived once again and you have the chance to buy your tickets to the Liga Mx right here on Ticketbis! It’s easy and safe, so what are you waiting for? Watch your favorite players and support your team with the fans! You know that the best way to enjoy this sport isn’t watching it on TV sitting on your couch at home; the best way to enjoy soccer is from the crowd, LIVE at the stadium! Don’t waste more time and be sure to get your Liga Mx tickets in time, you won’t regret it.

Liga Mx is the top level of the Mexican soccer league system and therefore the most important one in the country. 18 teams will face each other during many exciting games in order to proclaim a winner at the end of the season. Each one of these seasons holds two tournaments: the Apertura, which starts in the summer; and the Clausura, which starts in the winter.

This league is currently ranked 15th worldwide and was ranked the 10th strongest league in the first decade of the 21st Century (2001–2010), according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics. The most successful team is América with 12 titles, and the club is also the current champions as they won the Apertura 2014. When this team faces Chivas the game stops being a game and becomes an epic battle between the two ever enemies. This battle is called el Clásico. Don’t miss out on the greatest clashes of the Liga Mx and buy your tickets today!

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