Former Premier League titans, Manchester City are gearing up once more to prove their worth! After Manchester City's outstanding performance during their 2014-2015 campaign, "The Citizens"; loss of the title to Leicester City was a shock to all. With the team infused with new manager Pep Guardiola, excitement is high at Manchester City's new prospects and with Ticketbis now in possession of Manchester City tickets, this is your chance to join in the excitement on a more personal level!

It's looking like quite the year for Manchester City, especially with Pep Guardiola living up to his high salary! Already the club's performance in the Premier League and Champions League sees fans everywhere smiling with satisfaction. Their recent skirmish against Borussia Monchengladbach saw the team win an impressive 4-0, which considering the level of quality the Champions League insists on, this is indeed no small feat.However featuring players such as Sergio Aguero, Whose hat-trick in the latter game proved how indispensable he is, and Kevin De Bruyne, who Guardiola himself praised for being "among the best players he has managed". Suffice to say, this is definitely a team to watch, whatever game you intend to watch.

Manchester City's rise to prominence

Formed in the late nineteenth century, Manchester City has had its fair share of highs and lows, and despite success in both, the '60s and '70s, the following two decades proved particularly tough periods, with the team facing relegation all the way to the 3rd division!

The renowned team eventually established itself once more as a Premier League regular back in 2002, with the following 7 years proving to be a period of stability! Of course, good things can't last forever, and 2007 saw the ownership of Manchester City fall to former Thailand president Thaksin Shinawatra, whose allegations of corruption in Thailand against him lead to his assets being frozen! Throwing Man City's finances into turmoil, Shinawatra sold the club and a last-minute takeover deal was struck, with the, then unknown, Abu Dhabi United Group!

While many were left unsure of who exactly stood at the head of the group, it soon became apparent that Manchester City had struck gold! Finding out that the team's owner was none other than Sheikh Mansour, one of the wealthiest men in the world, with a family fortune estimated at an unfathomable $1 trillion US dollars! Needless to say, Manchester City now stands as one of the wealthiest teams in the world!

Manchester City in recent years

Unsurprisingly, since then the team has consistently produced impressive results! Their track record can include winning the FA Cup, the League Cup, and of course, for the second time now, winners of the Premier League! With Manuel Pellegrini in charge, the club saw a streak of success unprecedented in Manchester City's history, and Manchester City tickets soon began to be quickly snapped up. In 2014 Manchester City placed first in the Premier League scoring an impressive 86 points, needless to say, with the team's previous season seeing them place 4th, the drive to return to the top certainly has both fans and players alike determined, even if their finish is relatively respective compared to the other big teams! On average Manchester City has spent over one million pounds per player, per Premier League, making the money that fuels the team double that of the next biggest spenders Chelsea! Spending over 500 million pounds on transfers, since their Abu Dhabi backing, Manchester City's spending has risen to make the team one of the most powerful teams of the Premier League! In fact, Pellegrini agreed to pay at least 25 million pounds to sign Swansea striker Wilfried Bony for a 4-year deal!

Considering their second-place finish the previous year, Manchester City's qualification to the Champions League saw the team eventually face up against behemoths Barcelona in the Round of 16! Losing out to the Spanish side in both games, Pellegrini's position soon proved rocky, and the team's performance in the Premier League certainly didn't help much. Despite Pellegrini's efforts in securing Man City's Premier League win, a contract renewal looked ever-more unlikely. Needless to say, Pellegrini's dismissal followed shortly after, and the club brought on the ever successful Pep Guardiola to turn the team around. Considering that the manager will be earning £15 million per year, Manchester City is certainly paying for it.

So be right there with them as they try everything they can to prove why Manchester City is so deserving of its past Premier League wins! Buy your Manchester City tickets now, right here at Ticketbis, your one stop for all things tickets!

Manchester City: Premier League 2016/17 Home Games

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Manchester City: Premier League 2016/17 Away Games

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Navigating Etihad Stadium

Sharing the same sponsorship name as Melbourne's Docklands Stadium, the Etihad Stadium (also known as the City of Manchester Stadium), it shouldn't come as a surprise considering both Manchester City and Melbourne City are owned by the City Football Group, which in turn is owned predominantly by the Abu Dhabi United Group. Suffice to say, the stadium itself is kitted out with some of the best facilities in the country.

Despite the circular nature of the stadium, the Etihad stadium is still divided into the traditional 4 stands:

  • North Stand
    Made up of two tiers, the North Stand is where you'll find the designated family stand, and is colloquially referred to as the Family Stand. the stand is actually the only part of the stadium that was built during it's conversion from a stadium catered towards the Commonwealth Games.

  • East Stand
    Consisting of three tiers, due to the stadium's gentle curve, the East Stand is actually referred to by fans as the Kippax, tributing Man City's legendary, vocally-active stand back when they played in Maine Road.

  • South Stand
    Primarily home to the Away fan section, the South Stand can boast an extension of 6,250 seats. Adding a third tier to the existing two, the current capacity now stands at an impressive 55,000, and is also where you'll find the majority of City's most vocal fans.

  • Colin Bell Stand (West Stand)
    Renamed in 2004 after a poll conducted by fans, the Colin Bell Stand is Etihad Stadium's main stand, where you'll find the dug-outs, the tunner and of course the players' changing rooms. Named after City legend Colin Bell the former player was dubbed "The King of the Kippax", and is widely recognised as Manchester City's finest player to date.

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