United fans across the globe, we find ourselves at a pivotal point with the Red Devils' future long in the balance! Considering their 5th place finish last year, Manchester United are likely to be pushed hard this year, especially with former-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho now at the helm. As you can imagine, there's no doubt that the hunger of victory is vehement in the players' eyes, meaning Manchester United tickets aren't likely to be easy to come by, so you may have buy your tickets fast if you want to see them live.

Manchester United 2016/2017 Season

Europa League 2016/17 Semi Final

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Manchester United Home Games

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Manchester United Away Games

A​l​l tickets are paid in EUR. Prices in USD are estimated for informative purposes.

Old Trafford's Stands

For over a century Old Trafford has been the home of Manchester United, even overcoming the likes of wartime bombing, suffice to say, Old Trafford is a testament to Manchester United's legacy over the years. Below let's have a look at the stands:

  • Sir Alex Ferguson Stand
    Located on the north side, the Sir Alex Ferguson stand can boast holding the most spectators out of the four stands, and is actually the main stand of the stadium.

  • East Stand
    Hosting the Disabled fans section and the Away fans section, the stand can hold almost 12,000 fans! This is also where you'll find the club's Megastore!

  • Sir Bobby Charlton Stand
    Facing the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand, the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand may be much smaller, but what the stand lacks in size, certainly makes up for in quality. Featuring the majority of the ground's executive suites, alongside hosting various VIPs.

  • West Stand
    Claimed by the majority of Manchester United's hardcore fans, it's the West Stand where you'll probably hear most of the singing and chanting, as its common knowledge that this is where the most vocal fans tend to be! So if you're a Manchester United fan, and you really want to really soak in the atmosphere, this is the stand you want!

How to Get to Old Trafford

With Old Trafford situated a couple of miles just outside of the Manchester's city centre, there are a number of ways to head to Man Utd's home grounds.

  • Around the City

    Getting to Old Trafford
    • Metrolink

      The preferred choice for most Mancunians, the tram (officially known as the Metrolink) will only set you back a few quid and can get you suitably close to Old Trafford. For Away fans, The Altrincham Line's stop at Old Trafford will drop you of 5 minutes walk away from the stadium, with the previous stop Trafford Bar standing as a mere 5-minutes more walk, both of which stand as easy options to head to the Away section. Manchester United fans, may fare better using the Eccles Line and stopping at either Pomona or Exchange Quay, as the lines are nearer to the stadium, but aren't so convenient when reaching the away end. It should also be noted that when leaving the stadium it is advisable to avoid the Metrolink and take the train as due to how busy the Metrolink gets, time becomes an issue.

    • Train

      By far the easiest method to reach the stadium, as the Old Trafford Stadium rail station situated alongside the Southern Stand, taking the train from the city centre (from Manchester Piccadilly station) takes you straight to Old Trafford's doorstep. While it may be slightly more expensive (Though it is cheaper if you book earlier) than the Metrolink or Bus, the train makes up for it by being less busy, more convenient, and more dependable post-match.

    • Bus

      Your final Public Transport option stands with the numerous bus lines that can be taken from Piccadilly Gardens. Visitors can take Stagecoach's 256, 255 and X50 services, alongside Arriva Sapphire's 263 service, all of which go through Chester Road (A56), located near Old Trafford. Depending on traffic, the journey takes between 15-20 minutes.

    • Driving

      If you're driving, you'll be happy to know that there are a number of private parking spots dotted around the stadium, however the most popular spot seems to be at Old Trafford Cricket ground, which at the cost of £10 sees you park the entire day, with about a half-a-mile walk to the stadium. It is of course, advisable to get there so you can stretch that £10 and visit all of the stadium's features prior to the game.
      Below you'll find the relavant satnav address:

      Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester, M16 0RA

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