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Mariah Carey is now on tour! Better yet, with Ticketbis now selling Mariah Carey tickets, this is your chance to see the truly stellar singer, and witness one of the world’s most powerful, and successful singers! Yes, with her new album, Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse now out in full swing, there’s no better time to catch Carey live! With critics and fans all eager to rave how good the new album is, grab your Mariah Carey tickets now, and get ready for a show that is certain to blow you away! So don’t hesitate a moment longer and buy your Mariah Carey tickets now, here at Ticketbis!

The greatest vocal range of any female singer ever is quite an accolade, but then again it comes as no surprise that the recipient happens to be Mariah Carey! Yes, considering she who has made her career from belting out big notes, before pulling off that trademark whistling high note Mariah Carey stands as one of this generation’s finest singers, and there’s absolutely no doubt to her talent. The good news is that the global superstar is hitting the stage once more to perform some of her biggest hits as well as to celebrate the release of her new album “Me. I am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse”. Don´t miss a rare glimpse of the one and only Mariah Carey. Get your Mariah Carey tickets now!

Mariah Carey´s career speaks for itself. She is one of the most successful singers of all time having broken numerous records during her career. She has had more number one hit singles in the United States than any other solo artist in chart history, had the longest-running number one song in the United States with the mega hit “One Sweet Day” and has sold more than 200 million records worldwide.  It is not difficult to see why she has been so successful, with her all American sweetheart image and countless hits like “Always Be My Baby”, “Heartbreaker”, “Without You” and “We Belong Together”. Make sure you get your Mariah Carey tickets at Ticketbis and witness one of the greatest voices of all time.

The “Songbird Supreme” doesn´t seem to have lost any of her magic with the release of her fourteenth studio album. The five-time Grammy award winner has done it again with sultry R&B hits like “#beautiful”, “The Art of Letting Go” and “You´re Mine (Eternal)”. Mariah has written many of her hit singles and has says “don´t be suprised if you hear a brand new song that I just wrote the night before!”. So what are you waiting for? Buy your Mariah Carey tickets right here at Ticketbis!

Mariah Carey certainly has come a long way since her career beginnings in nineteen eighty-eight, not to mention the struggling childhood she faced, alongside her brother Morgan. Born into a mixed race family, her father being African American/Venezuelan her mother of Irish descent, on Long Island, New York, in the early seventies Mariah Carey muses that she spent much of her life feeling “kind of different from anybody else in my neighbourhoods.” It was this estrangement that caused Mariah Carey to seek refuge in her music, and I think we can all agree that the world is better for it, so don’t miss out and buy your Mariah Carey tickets!

However it takes more than interest to make world renowned pop-star and even at a young age, Mariah proved herself more than capable in the area of music, where she demonstrated her usage of the whistle register (The highest register of the human voice)! Of course, it was through the training and control taught by her mother that Mariah really began to shine as a singer! Let’s not forget that during much of her high-school years, Mariah also began songwriting and she even started to co-write a number of songs with R&B artist-turned-producer Gavin Christopher!

Composing songs in Christopher’s father’s store basement, the two composed their first track “Here We Go Round Again”, which Mariah described as having a Motown-vibe. The two than began working towards creating a full length demo. During this time, Mariah began living in a one-bedroom apartment, which was actually shared with four other girls! Working as a waitress for various restaurants, the aspiring singer frequently found herself fired after two-weeks. Increasingly determined, Mariah Carey delved deeper into her musical ambitions and continued working later into the night in hopes of completing a demo, despite her lack of job. After a four song demo tape was finally finished, each attempt Carey made to pass it to music label, failed and all hope was almost lost!

 That is of course, until she was introduced to rising pop singer Brenda K. Starr! As the two quickly became friends, so did Starr’s interest in helping Carey achieve her dream! In December eighty-eight, Starr attended a record executive’s gala bringing Mariah Carey along! Giving Mariah Carey the chance to hand over her demo, she eventually gave the demo to Tommy Mottola, head of Columbia Records. Listening to the track on the way home from work, after only two tracks in, Mottola turned the car around and went straight back to the gala, in aid of securing the hopeful singer! Unfortunately, Carey had already left and after finally contacting her through Starr’s management, immediately signed her and practically mapped out her debut into mainstream music!

With the singer now signed, Carey could now begin working on her eponymously debut album! With Columbia spending over one million dollars in promotion for the album, Mariah Carey and despite a slow start, climbed to the top of the Billboard 200! Furthermore after Carey’s exposure at the thirty-third Annual Grammy Awards, the singer remained at the top for eleven consecutive weeks! This time proved particularly fortuitous as the singer can boast having won Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, for the album’s leading single “Vision of Love”! In fact, the album proved so popular, that the subsequent five singles to have been released from the album, each climbed the charts to number one, putting her on a par with The Jackson 5! The album itself, finished as the United States’ best-selling album of ninety-one, with sales totalling at over fifteen million copies!

So don’t miss out the chance to hear classics tracks such as “Visions of Love”, “Someday”, “Emotions”, “I’ll Be There”, “Hero”, “Without You” “Fantasy”... As you can tell the list is endless! buy your Mariah Carey tickets now, here at Ticketbis!


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