Matchroom Boxing
The three main fighting styles of boxing consist of the boxer, the slugger and the swarmer. The slugger (brawler) stands as the tanks of the boxing world, not so much relying on speed but more on stamina and punching power. To a slugger it’s all about the punches and how you take them, and while they may be predictable no-one can doubt the sheer ferocity needed to land a knockout punch, famous boxers to have utilised this style include man-behind-the-grill George Forman, and Sylvester Stallone’s fictional boxer Rocky Balboa! Yes, there’s undoubtedly more to boxing than two guys punching each other, and we at Ticketbis want you to witness this epic sport with your own eyes! Which is exactly why we’re happy to be selling Matchroom Boxing tickets! Now you can witness Matchroom Boxing in the flesh, and feel all the excitement and tension in person! So buy your Matchroom Boxing tickets here at Ticketbis!


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