It's a truly important time to be a Middlesbrough fan! With the team having just been promoted to the Premier League, and Leicester City proving that anything can happen, there's no doubt Middlesbrough are joining the fray as hopeful as ever! For this reason alone, there shouldn't be any doubts in buying your Middlesbrough tickets and witnessing a team aiming to once again become one of the Premier League's staple teams! While it's always easy to write off freshly promoted teams, Middlesbrough's 2nd place finish in the Football League Championship, and their brief brush with the Premier League in the 2008-2009 season, has meant that the team are definitely looking much more determined than their last entrance. 

As mentioned above, Leicester City has set a precedence that is sure to send ripples through the entire of English football. While Middlesbrough players and fans alike remain modest regarding a Premier League win, excitement is certainly high that Middlesbrough will have the chance to play some of the Premier League's top teams, and there's even the sparked hopes of beating said teams! As Middlesbrough defender Ben Gibson said "All of the memories of last year were great, now we want to go on and achieve more. That was just the start." Hopeful words indeed.

Tough Middlesbrough matches ahead

Of course, while there's certainly a number of teams that Middlesbrough will be delighted to play, let's not forget that a number of their early matches will indeed be difficult matches for the northern hopefuls. Take for example their first match, playing relative neighbours Stoke City. Finishing up in the top half of the Premier League, Stoke stands as one of the teams who, much like Leicester, have proved you shouldn't underestimate any Premier League team, no matter their standings. Suffice to say, critics will be watching this with incredible scrutiny, and there's little doubt that Middlesbrough's efforts in this match will decide whether people take Middlesbrough seriously. Add to this their second match, which comes in the form of a North-East derby against Sunderland, and Middlesbrough is set to face two of the toughest matches in the Premier League! Of course, it's because of this that so many fans will be scrambling for Middlesbrough tickets, and with Sunderland having finished 2 points away from relegation, there's nothing saying that Middlesbrough can't beat them.


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